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Smartphone touch Gunte[goyemon general gadget]

Smartphone touch Gunte[goyemon general gadget]

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Smartphone touch Gunte [goyemon general gadget]

Materials:100% acrylic
Made in China

Flexible and grippy rubber print, three fingers are woven with threads that can be used for smartphone operation. The body is designed to be small in size, with a good fit, making it ideal for unloading and bicycle riding.


[goyemon general gadget]

To be ready to create.
Creation is never continuous. It is our habit to return our desks to almost zero before we go home, even though there is no such a thing. It is similar to the feeling of being "ready" after a sauna. It distances us from yesterday's thoughts and accelerates today's thinking.

ggg is a proposal for a universal tool for this purpose.

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