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SETTA × SNEAKER “ unda ” / All Black series X-PAC[24SS]

SETTA × SNEAKER “ unda ” / All Black series X-PAC[24SS]

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SETTA × SNEAKER “ unda ” / All Black series X-PAC

Size : S(US5.5~US7)

Based on the standard all-black model "SUMI", we created three models "CORDURA®︎", "LEATHER", and "X-PAC", which are all black but changed to each characteristic material.

The three-layer construction of the outer fabric + X-PLY fiber + lining adopts an X-PAC fabric that combines lightweight, high strength, and waterproofing at a high level. While the footbed is made of highly functional material, the nose is made of a traditional velvet fabric, which is thinner than the traditional unda to give a more chic impression.

“ unda ”
Japanese design firm goyemon has reinterpreted the traditional woven bamboo sandal, the “Setta“, and introduced modern technology to make them more comfortable to wear.

Invented in the 16th century, the setta is meant to be worn under poor weather conditions. Attached to the sole of the traditional footwear is a layer of leather which helps to keep the feet away from puddles and snow. Dubbed “Unda,” the modernized version features cushioned footbeds and midsole bubble units serving to buffer the strain from walking while logo-appliqued tags detail the heels.

SETTA × SNEAKER “ unda Sumi ” / X-PAC
Weight(one foot):(S)270g、(M)285g、(L)300g
Sole:synthetic resin / synthetic sole
Upper:nylon, polyester, polyurethane
Sole:synthetic resin / synthetic sole
Shoes case:w295×d235×h73mm
X-PAC:27,300 JPY(in tax)


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