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Half Sleeve Back Logo T-Shirt / NAVY[goyemon general gadget]

Half Sleeve Back Logo T-Shirt / NAVY[goyemon general gadget]

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Body:80% cotton, 20% recycled fiber (Maxifresh®︎)
Rib:60% cotton, 15% recycled fiber (Maxifresh®︎), 25% polyester

Size: Shoulder width / Sleeve length / Length / Body width
S: 54cm / 24cm / 67cm / 60cm
M: 56cm / 25cm / 69cm / 63cm
L: 58cm / 26cm / 71cm / 65cm
Made in Japan


These T-shirts are not just printed logos, but are original in design.

There are many different shapes and sizes, and because they are worn so many times, many people are particular about the comfort of their T-shirts. Comfort, in a nutshell, consists of various factors such as the size, length, type and thickness of the fabric, the structure of the seams and neck area, and the location of the tag. This time, we created an original pattern from the body. We were particular about not only the fabric, but also the length, details around the neck, and even the way the fabric falls when worn. Based on cotton, it is neither too thin nor too thick, neither too firm nor too soft, and its exquisite comfort is perfect for those who want to concentrate on their work.
Pre-order items: scheduled to be delivered in late May.

[goyemon general gadget]

To be ready to create.
Creation is never continuous. It is our habit to return our desks to almost zero before we go home, even though there is no such a thing. It is similar to the feeling of being "ready" after a sauna. It distances us from yesterday's thoughts and accelerates today's thinking.

ggg is a proposal for a universal tool for this purpose.

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