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El Salvador Honey 100g[goyemon coffee]

El Salvador Honey 100g[goyemon coffee]

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Developed with the cooperation of WESTSIDE COFFEE, a home-roasted specialty coffee shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, where goyemon was founded. goyemon's original coffee was created for a cup before work.
The act of brewing coffee resets your previous actions and stereotypes. By changing your mood, you can broaden your imagination and deepen your thinking.

The mild flavor with a familiar acidity and refreshing aftertaste is like the aroma and depth of Japanese tea.

In the creative industry, the layering of layers is called "layering," and we dare to add depth in order to align our work. When one forgets the flow of time and immerses oneself in creation, one's thoughts reach the deepest layers.
This is the time when you want to concentrate on your work, to prepare your thoughts and accumulate "layers" of creativity.

Country/ Region : El Salvador , Chalatenango
Farm : Finca Mileydi
Producer : Ever Diaz
Altitude : 1300-1400 m
Variety : Pacas
Process : Honey
Roast level : Medium Roast

Flavor : green tea, apple, ginger
Roast Date : Wednesday, April 10, 2024


[goyemon general gadget]

To be ready to create.
Creation is never continuous. It is our habit to return our desks to almost zero before we go home, even though there is no such a thing. It is similar to the feeling of being "ready" after a sauna. It distances us from yesterday's thoughts and accelerates today's thinking.

ggg is a proposal for a universal tool for this purpose.

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