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A4_Creative Container BEIGE ×3P[goyemon general gadget]

A4_Creative Container BEIGE ×3P[goyemon general gadget]

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3 Pack Set

Paper / Magnet / Aluminium
Height: 110mm
Width: 315mm
Depth: 230mm
Made in Japan

This product embodies the ggg's theme of "preparing for creation.

goyemon, which handles everything from product planning to packaging, is committed not only to product creation, but also to imagining the moment when the product arrives at the user's hand and the package is opened.
The basic color lineup is white, beige, and gray, but each of the dozens of colors was determined after much consideration under various color temperatures to fit in with all kinds of work environments and fixtures.
Magnetic design that can be opened with one hand and closed with a snap. The finger holes on the front side are reinforced with dovetails used for clothing to make it easy to take out. The capacity is approximately 7.9 liters, with highly flexible dimensions designed to fit any plan size. An air hole in the side of the bag is designed in the shape of the letter "gggg" for smooth opening and closing.
It can be used for storing ideas, or for quickly putting things away when you just want to get rid of them.

Adjustment of the strength of the magnetic force
The strength of the magnetic force can be changed.
The magnetic force can be reduced by removing one of the magnetic parts on the lid side and using only the screw.

[goyemon general gadget]

To be ready to create.
Creation is never continuous. It is our habit to return our desks to almost zero before we go home, even though there is no such a thing. It is similar to the feeling of being "ready" after a sauna. It distances us from yesterday's thoughts and accelerates today's thinking.

ggg is a proposal for a universal tool for this purpose.

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